Author: Joel Gratcyk (Daddy's Grounded)

Boo! At the Zoo

My wife, Mr. Dude and I attended Boo! at the Zoo this past weekend and had a blast. We got to wear the Angry Birds costumes Abigail made and Mr. Dude was so proud of wearing. We are members of the Brookfield Zoo but, honestly, wouldn’t have attended the event (or even known about it) without the generous invite to it by the Ferrara Candy Company for the invite.

Credit: Aimee Vogelsang. Source:

Halloween TV on Netflix

Halloween will soon be upon us. The arrival of October means the arrival of spooky TV in my household. Here is a collection of TV episodes on rotation via Netflix at our house with a Halloween (or Halloween compatible) theme. What ones are your favorite? Did I leave anything off the list?

A Letter From My Future Self

You’re a hard worker, Joel. Many people admire that about you, but you don’t take care of yourself enough. Get more sleep. Watch your diet. Those will be helpful things to focus on now in order to avoid some future issues.

Netflix Is Officially Working on a Bill Nye “Talk Show”

Netflix will debut “Bill Nye Saves the World” in the Spring of 2017. It will be a show that explores the impact of science on politics, society, and pop culture. Each episode is set to tackle a specific topic from a scientific point of view. The end goal is to dispell myths and refute anti-scientific claims. Many such claims are expressed quite loudly by various politicians, religious leaders, and titans of industry. I can’t wait.