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I lose things

“I started with a cup of coffee, but it got away from me. I’m not sure where it went.” I told Abigail after she asked what happened to my coffee. That kind of thing...

Puppy Face

My dog makes hilarious faces when she is sleepy.

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I’m A Lucky Guy

Why? My wife hates Valentine’s Day. It works out for me. every. single. year. We don’t celebrate it. No flowers, cards or lame dinner outings with a million other couples out on the same...

Dear Son,

I can’t wait to meet you. There is an exciting world out here for you to experience life in. There are things that will elate you and things that will crush you, but life...

Nesting Has Begun

We bought a car seat this week. Whoa. Abigail’s due date is only about 6 weeks away now and the car seat purchase only made it feel that much closer.