I’m A Lucky Guy

Joel Gratcyk (Daddy's Grounded)

Joel Gratcyk is a social media strategist, father, husband, perpetual student and caffeine junkie. He misses sleeping, but loves being a parent more.

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3 Responses

  1. Smart man. Smart couple.
    You both seem to have it together.
    That’s refreshing.
    My wife and I have been married 25 years.
    I’m pretty proud of that.
    Celebrate Valentine’s Day 365 days a year.
    You get it.

    : – )

  2. Being on the same page here is essentially all that matters. But … I kinda like the excuse to be romantic once a year. Sure, the surprise flowers or card for no good reason can be twice as nice, but setting aside one day a year to crank up the romance strikes me as a wonderful thing. It’s also a chance to let small gestures speak loudly about your affection for one another. I made a homemade card for the first time ever, and while I thought it looked clumsy the Missus dug it!

  1. February 14, 2013

    […] asked me to find him the post I wrote about why I don’t do Valentine’s Day for a post he was writing. Dummy me read through it and got to the part about my childhood dog dying and I had a complete. […]