My Kid & Religion: Part 4 – Community

Joel Gratcyk (Daddy's Grounded)

Joel Gratcyk is a social media strategist, father, husband, perpetual student and caffeine junkie. He misses sleeping, but loves being a parent more.

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2 Responses

  1. Doug says:

    Hi I’m Doug. I’ve read all of your posts about religion. I agree with a multitude of which you have said. Matter of fact I have said most of it myself time and time again. I am an at home dad with two girls, 6years old and 10 months. I have never exposed my daughters to the realm of the “Church.” Our family went to a wedding last spring, before my second daughter was born, and that was the first time my eldest daughter had stepped inside of a church. It was a profound experience for her as she commented only on how pretty the windows and pews looked. When the pastor gave his sermon she could care less. I am a cynic so I listened and laughed when the pastor contradicted his faith and the church in his blessing of the union. I don’t think he even realized he did it. I was forced into the religion at adolescent ages and it was a learning experience, as far as “community” goes. I was friends with the pastor’s step son and no matter what this kid did it was my fault and I was the culprit of this kids sins. Oh and I have never been to a church where children/babies were accepted for what they are. Noisemakers that don’t sit still. Also I know that all religions say they are inclusive, but lets face it, religion is the most exclusive club that one can belong to. You have plenty of time to expose your boy or not expose your boy to the religious experience. In the end you should be there for guidance, love and a realistic approach to the whole experiment known as “Religion.” If my girl chooses to look into religion my wife and I have a pact that I will support her but my wife will take her to church because unless your dead or getting married I have no business being there. My job will be to talk to my daughter about what was real and what was fictionalized or exaggerated in the said text of the Bible. First off it is our job to protect our children, second is to teach, and if I can teach both girls to be tolerant of intolerant things or situations then I have done my job as a parent and they will be on there way to becoming happy healthy adults. The world needs more thinkers, dreamers and doers and if we can get this next generation off to a running start that would be great.
    Thank you for your time

  1. April 28, 2014

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