Co-Sleeping With A Toddler (And a Tuft & Needle Mattress Giveaway!)

Joel Gratcyk (Daddy's Grounded)

Joel Gratcyk is a social media strategist, father, husband, perpetual student and caffeine junkie. He misses sleeping, but loves being a parent more.

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61 Responses

  1. thedadontherun says:

    We’re in need of a mattress, this sounds great. I have to admit, though, my kid are only welcome for snuggles in the morning.

  2. thedadontherun says:

    Oh and our mattress is twice as old as my oldest kid. So, 10. Lol.

  3. Rebekah Brinner says:

    We could really use this! Debating which would be better, new mattress for me or my daughter who is in a toddler bed. My 6 year old who tried every cosleeping position now sleeps in her own bed every night and has for years. :)

  4. Rebekah Brinner says:

    Oh and ours is just over a year old. But it sucks.

  5. I had to admit this but our mattress is a hand me down and is almost twenty years old!

  6. medemiamania says:

    Our mattress was a hand me down in the first place and has been used for a while now for us. The various lumps don’t give it personality, it give back pain. Good thing is that the kids are all 8+ now so they don’t come roundhouse kick me anymore.

  7. Katrina says:

    Our mattress is a hand-me-down, too. A thick mattress pad has helped, but that has indentations now. Ha.

  8. joshgloer says:

    Mattress is pushing 8 years… isn’t that the cutoff?

  9. We have mattress of varied dates.

  10. Kings like myself deserve a king. :)

  11. Stephanie kopec says:

    Our mattress is 7 years old and just not what it use to be. Plus, we need something bigger. Thanks for the recommendation. Free shipping sounds awesome!

  12. Carlie says:

    Our mattress is about 6 years old. Upgraded to a King before we had our first kid, because we knew we would need it, lol.

  13. Arjan Tupan says:

    That’s awsesome. Sounds like a great mattress for our family,

  14. Elaina B says:

    Ack! My mattress is about 5 years old and its absolutely horrible! Too broke to get a new one.

  15. couponboss says:

    I don’t even know…it’s hand me down from a friend!

  16. Marie B. says:

    It is 3 years old. I remember distinctly when we got it we chose to stsy with a queen because we were done having kids and our don was transitioning from cosleeping.

    Well….. of vourse we got pregnant like 3 months later.

  17. John O'Brien says:

    Out poor old mattress is going on at least 10 years. Has a 25 year warranty but company we bought from is out of business now so we can’t get the huge lumps fixed. Two kids co slept in it with youngest still in our bed. Love the snuggles but wife and I are ready for us to snuggle again :-)

  18. Nicole says:

    We’ve had our mattress since we got married, and our 7 month old can’t fall asleep without what my husband calls “drunk crawling” in circles to get comfy. More space is my dream (or would be if I slept enough to dream -he’s awake next to me right now at midnight)

  19. Karen C says:

    13 years! High time for a new mattress.

  20. Carly says:

    5 years and it’s getting pretty narley from a toddler sleeping in it

  21. Shannon Keller says:

    I don’t remember exactly how old, but our mattress is at least 12 years old…

  22. Our mattress is about 6 years old, it was a wedding present when we got married. As my husband is away a lot, my side is very dented in and his still feels great. My current 8 month baby bump (baby #2) is not happy. I could move to his side but it just feels weird!

  23. Susan White says:

    We also bought our mattress when we got married and now we desperately need a new one!

  24. Dani J says:

    Our mattress is terrible and its only 3 years old :( We got a Serta and it’s rough on my 25 week pregnant body with my 2.5 year old toddler laying his head on my face! We would LOVE to win :)

  25. Michael says:

    Yeah, I would say 9 years since we got a new mattress.

  26. Alison says:

    Sleeping with my four year old (daddy’s on a work trip) is worse than the 17 month old. I’d be surprised if he actually knows which way is up in bed.

  27. Ethan Grimes says:

    My mattress is an el cheapo one that is a couple of years old and hurts my back.

  28. scottposey says:

    My mattress is 4 years old. Got it when we got married.

  29. My mattress is almost 8 years old. I bought it not long after my wife and I started dating and it’s getting time to upgrade to a king.

  30. chgdiapers says:

    About 10 years old – would LOVE a king!!

  31. Jamie says:

    My mattress is about 8 years old, and we don’t co-sleep but I could use a king just to fit my pregnancy pillow!

  32. Aisha says:

    My mattress is only a year old, and it’s already gone to hell!

  33. Ours is only about 4 years old; but it’s pretty lame. And we now have a little one who has been more than happy to leave his mark on it!

  34. Sarah says:

    Ours is 7 years old but what’s worse is the large hump in the middle so our two kiddos can’t lay inbetween us or they’ll roll off!

  35. Elaine says:

    I would love to upgrade to a king!! We cosleep and have another little one on the way…If we do the Win, I may be purchasing this mattress just based on recommendations! !

  36. Maybe two year old queen size tempurpedic it’s still nice but it’s not a queen and with a 16mo old and another on the way (damn you IUD) it would be nice to have the space

  37. Jessica O says:

    Our mattress is over 10 years old! :-/

  38. Our mattress is only three years old and it’s already awful to sleep on!

  39. Sarah Griffin says:

    If I am being completely honest, our mattress set was my grandparents set. It was bought new in 1963. So 51 years? LOL Time for a new one :-)

  40. Trish F says:

    I’m embarrassed to say that I have estimated my mattress to be 29 years old! It’s a wonder we sleep at all!

  41. Carolyn says:

    We got a mattress after we got married (5 years ago) and cosleep with our 2 year old. Let’s just say we could use a King…

  42. Mary Tyree says:

    Our mattress is 7yrs old and we’ve been co-sleeping with our youngest since he was born 3 years ago. He definitely prefers the daddy roll-on deodorant position and the roundhouse kick! Lol. I love the snuggles and sweet morning moments though. It definitely starts the day off better

  43. Ours is a few years old, maybe 4. Would love a new mattress!

  44. Stephanie Wheatley says:

    The scariest part is I have no idea! Lol We bought the mattress in good used condition for our son almost 4 years ago and decided to use his instead of our extremely old mattress when we bought him a new mattress last year! Its seen far too much use, we Need a new mattress! Fingers crossed that I’m lucky enough to win one!

  45. vivian says:

    We bought ours before our son was born (we bedshared and still do sometimes with the 4 year old). My husband has back problems so we need something firmer.

  46. Tim says:

    I think we got it right after getting married about 11 years ago. Never really thought about how old it is and the difference in comfort from then.

  47. Our mattress is about 2 years old, but it’s a memory foam from IKEA and kills my back!

  48. I hope they have this in California King. It’s the only one I can fit on!

  49. Perfect timing because we need a mattress BAD!

  50. Brian Edsell says:

    Actually went mattress shopping/browsing yesterday so this is perfect timing. Coming up on the eight year mark for my mattress.

  51. Our mattress is about a decade old and has a lump running down the center of it. Super annoying! Would love a new one.

  52. Nicole Vosburgh says:

    Our mattress is 10-12 years old.

  53. Dandi D says:

    Our mattress is probably 20 years old.

  54. hahahaha.. How old is my mattress? I think it’s older than me. It was in a spare room at my grandmother’s house. And then I took it to college with me. And then it lived in my dad’s basement for a while. And it’s been with us since we were married. It’s got to be at least 20 year old if not older.

  55. Melissa Mazzur says:

    I am embarrassed to say it is almost 25 years old. Just never any extra money for a mattress!

  56. Kayte CookWatts says:

    i think about 10? It ceased being comfortable about one year ago.

  57. Tonya Dreese says:

    so old that it caves in an the middle, it’s OLD. lol

  58. Josh Jensen says:

    Wondering which of these sleep positions my little one will be doing. :)

  59. I laughed entirely too hard at the baby sleeping positions. Been there!

  60. papagreenbean says:

    Funny sleeping positions. Co-sleeping with your child is the way to go. We used a water bed!