I Want My Kids to Know About Alcohol

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Joel Gratcyk (Daddy's Grounded)

Joel Gratcyk is a social media strategist, father, husband, perpetual student and caffeine junkie. He misses sleeping, but loves being a parent more.

2 Responses

  1. ALan says:

    This response may seem odd coming from a person who is 11 years into a life of recovery from alcoholism (alcohol addiction) AND who holds a Masters Degree in Licensed Clinical Addiction Counseling. Regardless, I believe your appreciation and perspective on alcohol is appropriate. And I state such in light of the reality that alcohol ETOH is the recreational drug that can result in the greatest, most pervasive and profound damage to the human organism or all of the psychoactive drugs, legal or illegal. And, yes, it is a drug. But no drug is bad or good. Addiction, and the continuum of points defining substance use disorder, IS the harm. So I hope you may understand my concern that the millions who also enjoy libations with a similar perspective and zeal, falsely assume that because it is legal, it is somehow different than those arbitrarily illegalized substances. And support a war on drugs, as opposed to one on addiction. Addiction kills more legal users in a year than 100 years of illicit drug use. Addicion is where our war dollars should be focused.


    • There are no doubt people who cannot deal with alcohol or other addictive drugs in a safe manor. I respect that as an issue and agree that conversations about such things should take place.

      I’d also like to see all such substances legalized and criminal prosecution of users replaced with rehab centers and opportunities to get people back on their feet. Europe and Australia have seen progress along those lines that makes the United States look like it is in the dark ages.