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Five Of My Favorite ‘Star Trek’ Episodes with Leonard Nimoy as Spock #LLAP

I grew up watching Star Trek reruns on TV and watched the movies on repeat through elementary, middle and high school. Spock was an iconic character from the future brought to life in only the way Leonard Nimoy could have done. I had wanted to meet him in person, but sadly was never afforded the chance. The way I view the world was largely shaped by this practical and logical (sometimes even playful) character in a fictitious science fiction universe. I’m sad to see him gone.

Hey 2015,

Thanks for the rocky start. I hope this means you’ve got some seriously good stuff waiting for me later on in the year. Mr. Dude was so sick he missed his first two days...

Friends Are Worth Being Thankful

I consider my wife to be my best friend. We’re a team that can conquer almost anything when we’re on the same page. We’ve got a lot of shared experiences and stories and love spending time with each other. In many ways were are like Kirk and Spock from Star Trek, except with more romance. I’m gonna get in trouble for that reference aren’t I?