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Thoughts on Manliness & Becoming ‘My Own Man’

I often wondered how “manly” I really was growing up. I’ve doubted my own manhood many times. I never really liked sports. I didn’t have anything against them, but I also didn’t know more than a handful of players names in any given sport. To this day the full scope of rules in a football game elude me.

16 Places To Visit, Eat, Shop and Sleep in Chicago’s Western Suburbs

There is a lot to see and do in the western suburbs of Chicago. Deep dish pizza, for example, isn’t just found in the city’s downtown. There are great pizza locations all over the suburbs. Fashionable shopping options are easy to come by in the suburbs when you consider the outlet malls. Nature can be found in abundance at local forest preserves and the family night out has met it’s perfect partner in Chicago’s only still operating drive-in theater. There are even some award winning breweries not to be missed.

5 Shows Currently on Netflix That My Toddler Loves

There are many kids shows to chose from on Netflix, but my toddler can’t currently get enough of his favorites. Listed in no particular order are his 5 favorites as of right now. Not all are kids shows, but when he’s got screen time these are the shows he requests regularly.