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I’ve Been Married to My Best Friend for 18 Years So Far


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We got married in our then pastor’s office. Only a handful of close family members were at hand for the ceremony. We had a cook-out at her parent’s house that afternoon.

It was such a small start for just a big journey.

There have been so many adventures in the last couple decades.

We’ve visited Canada, India, Spain, Australia, Argentina, the U.K., Netherlands, and so many other places together since then. We’ve had two beautiful kids, purchased a house, and experiences ups and downs I didn’t even imagine were possible.

She’s my love, my rock, my friend, and my partner. We’re not the same people we were when we first got married. We’re better now. Time has taken people from us: fathers, friends, co-workers… Time has also taught us to be more confident, open, and purposeful. 

I’m amazed by her all the time. She’s so smart, good with people, and an inspiration for me to be better every day than I was the previous day. I may be grounded with the kids, but she keeps us feeling valued and well taken care of on a regular basis.

Wesley, our oldest, is about go to middle school.

He’s bright, intuitive, incredibly persistent, just like his mother. I’m so proud of him and how he excels at whatever he does. He’s a wiz with technology and teaches me things regularly. 

He’s grown up so much over the last few years: learning how to code, play the clarinet, enjoying time outside, interacting with other kids at school/acting class/scouts, and has started telling jokes like a pro. 

I can’t wait to see where he goes in life and I’m thankful to be co-parenting this marvelous human with Abigail at my side.

Theodore, our youngest, is one of the most confident and opinionated kids I’ve ever known.

He’s artistic, empathetic, and imaginative. Theodore loves reading, rollercoasters, and sushi! What kid likes sushi?

If there is any down time he knows how to fill it with play, math sheets (ones he creates for others to complete), and telling stories.

This kid has a sweet tooth, dimples, big ideas, and bigger feelings. Most days he is living his best life and making plans for the future. 

He the typical rough and tumble play fan and can’t get in nearly enough time on his bike, kicking around a soccer ball, and exploring local nature paths/playgrounds.

We like a lot of the same things and hold many of the same values.

One of the biggest things that has worked to our advantage over the years is that we share a love for many of the same things: travel, movies, reading, food, etc. Our values match on many levels as well. We know what the other person likes/dislikes and we do our best to make choices that are good for the whole family and not just ourselves. 

That being said, we take time for ourselves as needed. We have our own things too because we’re individuals. Our relationship works best when we both are happy with things. Here is to many more adventures with her in the years to come! Cheers.


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