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Looking Back: An Embarrassing Poem


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I found this old poem in a box of memorabilia saved from the music festivals I used to go to between 2000-2004 like Cornerstone, Purple Door and Lifest. This poem was in the 2004 issue of Hinge: The Literary Journal of Purple Door. Abigail thought I should share it and so I will, but I can’t help feeling like this about sharing it on my blog. I’ll keep you updated.

Prettier Than I Remember

a week ago, last tuesday i was there;
i’d ordered a coffee and checked my e-mail

there was a small crowd that evening
the place was full but my heart knew of only one

i noticed her that night, just like many nights before,
too alluring to say ‘hi’ to, too classy to take up her time.

no more than a few words have passed between us,
it’s been weeks now and i can’t even get her name

i tried asking her the once,
but when i saw that pleasing face…
my words got jumbled,
rearranged every syllable
my heart got in the way.
i smiled, blushed and tried again.

she smiled as she watched me,
answered my question,
continued to smile.

i froze like i had done before.
the perfect moment was there –
just ask her a question,
see if she has time to talk.

if i could know what she likes.
i could know if she likes me.

i wonder what color her eyes are,
but my heart is overtaken by her beauty.

i can’t remember a thing when i’m around her;
she’s prettier than I remember.

the coffee girl in three words;
smiling, trendy, amazing

it’s been far too long now.
if i ask her, will she say no?


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