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“No Point B” by Caleb Gardner is Now Available for Purchase


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No Point B: Rules for Leading Change in the New Hyper-Connected, Radically Conscious Economy is a call to action for organizational leaders to step into the future and make investments in the big picture long-haul type of things that improve the company’s culture and increase its positive impact on society.

Joel Gratcyk

Our future depends on changing the way we change

But because technology has forever altered our relationship with what’s coming next, the tomorrow we envisioned is too often totally different by the time it arrives—there is no linear path from where we are to where we are going. How can leaders manage disruption when disruption never stops coming?

No Point B is a paradigm-shifting look at transforming change into something we do not for some vague brighter future, but as a practice for making a better world right now.

Photo Courtesy: Caleb Gardner

Drawing upon his vast experience in business leadership and social activism, author Caleb Gardner shows how the simple idea of embracing constant change as a core competency for living in a complex world could revolutionize our relationship with modernity and transform our approach to effective leadership.

Through stories from his career advising everyone from Fortune 100 CEOs to politicians and political leaders, and advice from experts in sociology, psychology, and management, No Point B proposes nine principles for mobilizing the next generation of effective change leaders, including:

  • focusing on effective communications to navigate our reality-distorting media,
  • building adaptive capability and tackling cross-disciplinary problems, and
  • never resting on our assumptions about how to best navigate the world.

The only way we’ll make significant progress on building a better world is by recognizing better is a process of constant adaptation, not an endpoint.

No Point B is the ultimate playbook for a new generation of leaders striving to dig in and give their companies and communities a better future, today.

You can order your copy of No Point B at Amazon and other online retailers today.

Have you read No Point B? What did you think? Let me know in the comments and on social.


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