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My Early Days of Fatherhood And Looking Beyond

Those early days of fatherhood with my first were such a change from the child-free days. My priorities flipped. Beautiful moments are happening all around us and he taught be to focus on them more. He was so little. My first mini me.

“When Are You Having A Second?”

I've been asked that question half a dozen times in the last two weeks. Everyone from coworkers to friends and family seem to be vocally curious if we are having unprotected sex or not. We've really enjoyed the first two plus years of having Mr. Dude around, but it has been a lot of work. Going from a childless couple to a couple with a child, as well you may already know if you are a parent or caretaker, causes a great change in your life. Those early months are wonderful and horrendous at the same time.

Our First 5k Run

I was in my 30s before I participated in my first 5k. My son, however, participated in his first 5k at the ripe old...

Mr. Dude Sounds Like A Squeaker Toy

Two nights a week I watch Wes while Abigail is at class. Its for a few hours at a time and we often read...

I Owe My Sanity to 4moms’ mamaRoo

We won a mamaRoo by 4moms in the 4moms Registry Contest held by the company in April 2013. These are my thoughts and impressions...

Best 6 Month Picture Ever

This kid makes me smile. Seriously. Even when he's upset or having a "bad day" I can't help but smile. He's so damn cute....

Mr. Dude Loves The ‘Star Trek: Enterprise’ Theme Song

I have no idea why, but Wes loves the "Star Trek: Enterprise" theme song from season three. Personally I think the song is fine,...


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