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The New Portillo’s Garden Dog Is Honestly Really Good


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Disclosure: My family and I were invited as guests to attend a Portillo’s Garden Dog Party. The following opinions are my own.

Just before Portillo’s launched its all-new veggie-based hot dog I got to try it.

The company held a Garden Dog Party at one of their Chicago locations where a sizable crowd was able to try out the new dogs, french fries, chocolate cake slices, shakes, and more.

I truly regret to inform you that the new Portillo’s Garden Dog is honestly really good.

Hot dog lovers are finally getting a plant-based version of the iconic Chicago-style dog. Greenleaf Foods, SPC, owner of leading plant-based brand Field Roast™, announced today a partnership with hot dog institution and fast-casual chain Portillo’s (NASDAQ:PTLO). Serving Chicago-style hot dogs for 59 years, Portillo’s is proving that you can ‘teach an old dog new tricks’ by introducing its first-ever plant-based hot dog.

Now available at restaurants nationwide, the new Garden Dog features the Field Roast Signature Stadium Dog custom-crafted for Portillo’s and topped with the classic Chicago-style hot dog toppings: mustard, relish, chopped onions, tomatoes, celery salt, pickle spear, and sport peppers on a perfectly steamed poppy seed bun.

“We are incredibly proud to partner with Portillo’s to bring the flavor of Field Roast to this iconic chain rooted in Chicago hot dog history,” said Adam Grogan, President of Greenleaf Foods, SPC. “Americans eat billions of hot dogs every year, and now they have a delicious plant-based option to satisfy this classic craving.”

– Portillo’s

The family has a blast. We took selfies, tried so many foods, and generally got hyped up on a lot of sugar.

The Field Roast Signature Stadium Dog is a pea protein-based hot dog inspired by the flavors of premium, kosher-style beef hot dogs. Unlike other products that use liquid smoke, Field Roast Plant-Based Dogs are double smoked using maple hardwood chips and a combination of steam and dry heat. The plant-based hot dog also offers the same amount of protein per serving as most traditional hot dogs, but contains less sodium and is made without nitrites or GMOs. Already available at retail stores nationwide, Field Roast fans can now also enjoy the Field Roast Signature Stadium Dog at Portillo’s.

It eats like a real hotdog and tastes pretty near to the original. It’s especially good when eaten Chicago-style: mustard, relish, celery salt, freshly chopped onions, sliced red ripe tomatoes, kosher pickle, and sport peppers piled onto a perfectly steamed poppy seed bun.

The kids even ate these new plant-based hotdogs Chicago-style. Normally they eat hotdogs plain so this was a real winner in our book. Not sure what I was saying in the above photo, but we were clearly discussing something important.

Portillo’s and Field Roast Team up to ‘Teach an Old Dog New Tricks’ With Portillo’s First Plant-Based Hot Dog

Iconic Chicago Restaurant Chain Launches the ‘Garden Dog’ At All Locations Nationwide

According to the National Hot Dog and Sausage Council, Americans eat more than 7 billion hot dogs every year during ‘peak hot dog season,’ between Memorial Day and Labor Day

“When we first started thinking about bringing a plant-based hot dog to our menus, we tasted dozens of different versions. It became clear that Field Roast produces the best product on the market,” said Michael Osanloo, Portillo’s CEO and President. “When Field Roast customized its Signature Stadium Dog just for us, we knew we had a winner. We can’t wait for our guests – both new and old – to be able to enjoy the Garden Dog, our delicious take on this iconic American classic.”

Portillo’s established its reputation in Chicago as a hot dog stand in the 1960s, and today is known for its hot dogs, Italian beef sandwiches and chocolate cake at its more than 70 locations across nine states. Field Roast and Portillo’s fans can find the new plant-based Garden Dog when visiting Portillo’s in-person or online at Portillos.com.

In 1963, Dick Portillo invested $1,100 into a small trailer to open the first Portillo’s hot dog stand in Villa Park, IL, which he called “The Dog House.” Years later, Portillo’s has grown to include more than 70 restaurants across 9 states. Portillo’s is best known for its Chicago-style hot dogs, Italian beef sandwiches, char-grilled burgers, fresh salads, and famous chocolate cake. Portillo’s ships food to all 50 states via Portillos.com. Portillo’s Home Kitchen is the company’s fast-growing catering business.

To learn more about Portillo’s, please visit Portillos.com or follow Portillo’s on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram. For more information on Field Roast, visit FieldRoast.com and follow @FieldRoast on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.

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What’s your favorite Portillo’s Dish? Let me know in the comments!


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  1. my favorite portillo’s dish before becoming a vegetarian was the hot dog so now i am SO excited to have the meatless version!!


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