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8 Ways Crazy Drivers Are “Awesome”


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P Is for Pride

P Is for Pride by Greg Paprocki introduces readers (and those listening)...

We all know these drivers. We deal with them when going to work and school on a daily basis. There seems to be more of them on the road every year around the holidays. I think they might need a little more understanding than we’d like to give. After all, they are all teaching us how boring it is to have an accident free road trip.

1.) Rolling Through Stop Signs

Those pesky red signs don’t mean anything, really. A stop sign is just a yield sign in disguise and the ones with a white line around them are optional. Right?

2.) Flying Through Cross Walks

Ever seen a car not yield for a pedestrian with a cane in a cross walk? Old people may say they can’t walk quickly, but I’ve seen a grandma jump.

3.) Multitasking With A Little Driving On The Shoulder

You’re saving time by applying make-up, shaving and changing your clothes at the same time while driving. I totally get it. And passing people on the shoulder of the highway to get to your exit? Genius display of self-centered time-management. That time you save helps you sleep in a few extra minutes before the dreaded morning commute.

4.) Distracted At Traffic Lights

Green means go. Yellow means punch it! Red means check your phone’s notifications.

5.) Slamming On The Breaks To Pay A Toll

The world will indeed explode if you miss that toll. I totally understand why you like to slam on your brakes directly in front of me while its raining typhoon style. You like it when other people’s cars rear end yours while you’re trying to jump a median to pay a toll in cash. It’s far too much work to follow highway signage in the first place or pay online if you’re too distracted by fixing your hair (see number 3.)

6.) Whipping Across Lanes of Traffic

You like to lose track of where you are and rely so heavily on that smartphone’s GPS that you do whatever it says, wherever it speaks to you. Passing lane to exit across 4 lanes of traffic in 3, 2, 1… Go!

7.) Turn Signals

I know what you are thinking, everyone is paying attention to “me.” And you’re right. A turn signal simply means the light bulbs and battery in your car are working. No need to signal before entering someone’s lane without looking. We’ll move for you.

8.) Driving in the Passing Lane at the Speed Limit

Rules are rules and logic is king. If you’re going as fast as legally possible it should be in the fast lane. Those other drivers? They are just upset you’re helping them stay legal. We speed demons thank you from the very bottom of our hearts.

Did I miss anything? Please share in the comments.


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  1. 9.) Hastily pulling out in front of an oncoming car. Why should they wait five more seconds for the other car to pass? Because they saved all that time, they now have the leisure to drive ten miles under the speed limit, giving those behind them the opportunity to marvel at their etiquette and skillful maneuvers.

  2. It also pisses me off when drivers ignore the crosswalk. I was just speaking about that recently.
    I don’t like when someone simply leaves their turn signal on. How could you miss that it is still on when the annoying sound goes off?

  3. I don’t know where you live but to add to #7 – Whenever I use my turn signal apparently it’s an invitation for the person in that lane to speed up and not let me over. #10 The suspected DUI drive… oh no wait it’s just someone texting!


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