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Adventure Science Center for Kids in Nashville, TN


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One of the coolest places for kids to spend time indoors in Nashville, TN is at the Adventure Science Center. We got to visit recently and the kids loved every minute of it.

The entire center is set up to be an interactive place to explore and learn about science. Even if kids aren’t gaining head knowledge about a specific scientific principle they are able to experience it first-hand. This can be entertaining for children and adults alike.

There is a whole area of the Adventure Science Center dedicated to 3D printers and the cool things they can make. We watched a few as they were live printing items. Here are a few of the finished ones.

There is a workshop in the Adventure Science Center that allows for all sorts of creations with adult supervision. They had hammers and nails, glue, hot glue guns, saws, stickers, bottle tops, wine corks and so much more. Here you can see the kids got into it.

There is an interactive sound studio setup for visitors to explore. Here you can see Wesley trying his hand at the high and low notes on a scale. SkyWaitress did a great job on her attempt. So well, in fact, that she broke the record that day.

This is me outside the facility for a few minutes taking a break from all the activity inside. Lots of kids. Lots of noise. Lots of fun. Lots of reasons to seek out a few minutes of peace and quiet.

Join us as we try the Moonwalk at the Adventure Science Center in Nashville, TN via the video above. Wesley and Abigail got to experience the feeling of walking on the moon and saw just how high they could jump with only 1/6 gravity!

On the first floor of the Space Chase exhibit hall, visitors can experiment with space exploration tools in this spectacular two-story high astronaut training and technology center. Through hands-on, interactive exhibits, you learn what it takes for a rocket to launch, what happens during free fall, and how Newton’s Laws mean a lot in space.

There are live science demonstrations at various times throughout the day. They feature various scientific principles on display with the help of color-changing liquids, fire, and items in flight. This was one of my favorite parts of the day.

There were many exhibits that were team-based or set up as one-on-one competitions. Here you can see Abigail and Wesley tried to see who was better at being chill. It is no surprise to anyone that knows us that the winner was not Wesley.

Hands-on exhibits are the best. Here you can see Theodore working on a bit of art with found items in a magazine. There was a give-one-take-one donation table for these creations in the room. Here you can see the choices could be difficult. There were so many good options. Wesley’s creation is pictured close up on the right.

The Infinium Room is really cool. It’s an interactive video board on the floor. You can see a video demo of it below:

For over 75 years, Adventure Science Center has been bringing science to life for students, teachers, and families in Middle Tennessee and across the U.S. The science center offers engaging learning experiences and science fun through hands-on, interactive exhibits, innovative programs, and full-dome productions in the state-of-the-art Sudekum Planetarium.

Over the next three years, more than 15,000 square feet of exhibit space at Adventure Science Center will evolve into more exciting experiences. From an interactive climbing structure to an immersive exploration of infinity, the science center has something for everyone.

Adventure Science Center strives to open every mind to the wonders of science and technology, fostering a better understanding of ourselves and the world around us. Each year, the science center provides reduced or free admission to more than 20,000 guests and remains free for teachers and MNPS students.

Join us for an adventure today!

Adventure Science Center

The day ended with a bang. Literally. The last live science experiment of the day was held outside with an entertaining chemical interaction you can see posted on Twitter via the embed below:

If you are in Nashville or pass though sometimes, make sure to plan a stop at the Adventure Science Center. It is well worth your time. You can find out more about hours, events, and tickets at AdventureSci.org

Have you been to the Adventure Science center in Nashville, TN? Let me know in the comments or on social.


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