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Two Family Friendly Nashville, TN Breweries You Should Check Out


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We stopped in Nashville, TN for a few days in July this year on our way home from a trip to Florida to visit family. One of the things we were able to do while in town was check out a couple of local breweries with our little ones.

I have a few personal rules I follow when it comes to taking my kids to breweries. The first and foremost rule I follow is that I don’t take them with me if I’m not 100% sure they will behave themselves. No one likes to sit next to obnoxious little ones when they are out drinking. I also try and find locations that have kids’ menus and specifically mention being family-friendly on their website. If the kids do act up I leave with them. They don’t run around all willy-nilly. Ha, I sound old.

Both places we found serve pizza, had kid-welcoming staff, and plenty of space for us to be in our own area away from others.


2408 Lebanon Pike, Nashville, TN 37214

Repping my Brewery Finder project while out to eat at TennFold in Nashville, TN.

The menu at TennFold isn’t all pizza. They have burgers too. It may not have been very pretty, but it was a pretty tasty burger. The fries were seasoned amazingly well.

The beer selection was good and included a couple of barrel-aged options on tap. I was driving however so I had a low ABV option and then water.

The standard pizza options were there. But they had some interesting pizza topping combinations as well. Abigail got the Country Ham & Fig pizza: ricotta | goat cheese| country ham | fig jam | bacon.

It wasn’t very busy while we were there. There was a live band playing outside and plenty of people listening under the shade.

Tailgate Brewery (Music Row)

2408 Lebanon Pike, Nashville, TN 37214

Check this place out. Here is a fun entryway. Off to the right, there is a large outdoor seating area as well.

Photo opp outside the brewery.

I was impressed with this cheese pull. So was the brewery. Just wish I had taken the time to double-check the focus on this image. Ah well, this is what most of my childhood photos look like. Focused on something else other than me.

We had a couple more pours at this location because it was only walking distance to our hotel. The server dumped one of SkyWaitress’ drinks (one that was almost gone) and he comped a full refill moments later.

Two pizzas were more than enough for the four of us.

I can’t wait to visit Nashville, TN again and see what other breweries the family would enjoy. Are there any that you would recommend? Let me know in the comments or on social.


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