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8 Tips For Calming A Fussy Baby


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Disclosure: This is a sponsored post, in conjunction with Little Remedies. I’ve received compensation for the creation and sharing of this post. All opinions are my own. 

Babies are such cute little things when they are happy and smiling. They are absolutely adorable if asleep. When a baby is fussy or crying it can be frustrating at least and heart breaking at worse. My son my be a toddler now, but I’m not that far removed from those short nights of sleep. Here are a few things I found to help calm our little guy down when he wasn’t that adorable sleeping baby.

1.) Food & Drink

To this day, our son is a completely unhappy person if he’s hungry. It makes sense. His parents are the same way. If he’s grumpy, one of the first things we check to see is if he’s hungry. Mr. Dude was underweight for his age for over the first year of his life. In an attempt to help him gain weight we’ve always offered mother’s milk (or regular food once he was interested) on a regular basis.

2. ) Diapers

Dirty diapers can sometimes be a cause of fussiness in a child. A wet diaper may bother one child and not another.  This may not normally be the case with yours, but it is worth checking. I’m a big fan of the diapers with a wetness indicator. Such a time saver.


3.) Gas Drops

Mr. Dude had gas problems as a baby. We spent countless nights with a baby that was only a few months old who wouldn’t have slept without the help of Little Remedies® Gas Drops or Little Remedies® Gripe Water. I am so thankful for these products. The gas drop specifically made our evening routines much smoother and peaceful.

  • Little Remedies® Gas Drops quickly relieves tummy pain from excess gas. Its a safe remedy to gently ease stomach discomfort or bloating. It has no artificial colors, flavors, alcohol, saccharin or preservatives. And it can also be safely mixed with 1 oz. of cool water or formula.
  • Little Remedies® Gripe Water eases tummy pain for infants. It is natural and effective relief for your baby’s upset stomach.* It relieves discomfort due to hiccups and colic.* The formula has no alcohol or gluten and can be used by all ages of children. Just be sure to burp your baby during and after feeding to reduce air buildup.

4.) Holding/Swaying/Rocking

My son did not want to be put down for the first several months of his life. He was small and had difficulty with any sort of mobility for a long time. Tummy time was. the. worst. It wasn’t until he developed enough strength to crawl around a bit before he enjoyed it. My wife and I found a combination of holding him while walking around and swaying that almost always put him to sleep. He was also a fan of 4moms mamaRoo.

5.) Car Rides

There is something about the sounds and vibrations of a car ride in a proper car seat that some babies love. No kidding. I’ve driven Mr. Dude around for 10-15 minutes to get him to sleep. My dad did the same for me back in the 1980s. There are even music videos that feature the trick because it works:

6.) White Noise/Calming Music

I didn’t use any sort of white noise or classical music to get to sleep before I was a dad. Now its habit to turn on the white noise cd right after brushing the little one’s teeth. The blanket of sound that a white noise album covers a room with does amazing things. You might have to try a few before you find one that works for your kiddo, but once you do you will have reach the promise land.

7.) Your Voice

Sometimes all my son wanted to hear when I was holding him as a baby was my voice. I’m not a singer, but he didn’t seem to mind. I also hummed and just spoke to him softly. I’d tell him about whatever was going on that day or how much I loved him. This did the trick more than once and calmed him down from a fussy cry. Give it a try. You are the provider and you love your baby very much. Even if s/he can’t understand your language the pleasantness of your voice might just be what your baby needs to feel safe and comfortable.

SkyWaitress is a babywearing pro.

8.) Baby Wearing

Its awesome to be able to hold your baby but if they don’t like to be put down your arms will get a serious workout. Eventually you’ll need a break from holding your child or you’ll want them to stay asleep while you do other things around the house. They may or may not be okay with it. I’m not sure how, but Mr. Dude always knew when I was about to sit down while holding him. It didn’t matter if he was asleep or not, he was often not okay with it. The trick I learned from my wife is to simply wear the baby. There are all sorts of wraps, slings and carriers out there. Do some reading and give a few a try. You’ll find a favorite (or several) and be able to have a happy baby while still enjoying use your arms. Its great.

Do you have any other tip or tricks to share? Please leave them in the comments. 

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


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