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Growing our Gratitude


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Disclaimer: I’ve partnered with On Our Sleeves™ for the creation and sharing of this post.

May is Mental Health Awareness Month, But We Should Work On Our Mental Health Year-round

Now more than ever, our children’s mental health is important, every child is impacted in unprecedented ways.

The new normal that we all face right now can be challenging on many levels. These challenges can be especially difficult for children. On Our Sleeves™ has put together several ways for children and families safely connect within their communities while focusing on gratitude.

‘Growing our Gratitude’ Research shows people who think about good things in their lives are healthier and happier.

They feel more energized, sleep better, have stronger social connections, and feel better about themselves. They have fewer physical problems, symptoms and a stronger immune system. Gratitude helps us grow mentally and as a person. A grateful mindset puts us on the right path to a healthy mindset!

Quick photo taken before planting our On Our Sleeves™ seed packet.

How many times have you gotten caught up with the responsibilities and stressors of life only to have your children remind you of what’s important?

Even before the world was turned upside down in recent months my children have been able to keep me focused on the important things in our lives. We have our health. We have each other. We have a safe space express ourselves for who we are on a daily basis. These are the important things.

Our phones and computers can be a constant distraction. The news, while helpful, can be overwhelming to me if I watch too much of it. Whenever I seem to get caught up in all of it my sons give me a simple reminder of the temporality of those stressors.

“Come play with us!” is the refrain. And so I do. We play games. We read stories. We take walks. We make jokes. We smile. We hug. Life, for me, is made beautiful again and no longer fearful.

A guide to teaching your child about mental health and gratitude

We all have had to adjust to a “new normal” and simultaneously face and cope with the different challenges the era of COVID-19 has presented. During these times, it’s important to continue practicing healthy habits that can boost our mental wellness and practice healthy habits to promote a positive mental outlook. One thing we can do that doesn’t require a lot of time but has many positive benefits is to show gratitude.

Use these downloads, provided by On Our Sleeves™, to teach your child/children about mental health and gratitude. Three worksheets are included to help you talk about gratitude, practice gratitude and send messages of gratitude to family and friends.

The On Our Sleeves™ activities this month contain three supplements to explore the concept of gratitude:

Growing our Gratitude:
Discuss what you are thankful for in the moment

Seven Days of Growing our Gratitude: (Pages 1 &2)
Allows families to practice gratitude for a week

Gratitude Cards: (Page 3)
To distribute to friends and families

Advocates in the On Our Sleeves™ community (just like you!) can sign up to receive two free packets of seeds; one to plant with their own families, and the other to gift (safely) to a friend/neighbor/business.

In the weeks to come the seeds will sprout as constant reminders of gratitude, and the special time together.

Have you taken a look at the On Our Sleeves™ downloadable activity sheets? What are you grateful for right now? Let me know in the comments and share your experience on social media with the hashtag #OnOurSleeves.


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