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“HE-MAN AND THE MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE” Launches Season 2 on Netflix This March. New Toys from Mattel releasing in October.


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In order to save the POWER OF GRAYSKULL from being destroyed by SKELETOR and his mind-controlled royal army, HE-MAN and the MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE have taken CASTLE GRAYSKULL to the distant safety of the aerial kingdom of AVION — where brash braggadocio KING STRATOS is convinced he and he alone can lead the MOTU to victory.

Meanwhile, TEELA, ORK-O and KING RANDOR — left behind beneath the streets of ETERNOS — rally a resistance against the newly-crowned LORD SKELETOR and his DARK MASTERS. But in order for Teela to gain any ground with her impending insurrection, she and her team will need to win over the king of “the world below,” the multi-faceted MAN-E-FACES!

But one throne and crown aren’t enough for Skeletor, who’s set his sights on using his newly acquired royal resources to unearth the long-lost SIGIL OF HSSSS — an ancient Eternian artifact once used by the legendary KING HSSSS himself to lead an army of the undead!

As the race to save ETERNIA from Skeletor’s total conquest begins from both above and below, PRINCE ADAM and HE-MAN will need to learn some hard lessons about how to be a leader — and how great the cost of victory can sometimes truly be…

You can watch the show’s first season now and season two in March at netflix.com/hemanandthemastersoftheuniverse

Mattel Toys Releasing in October

The new collection features both classic and never-before-seen characters letting fans of all ages join the battle to save Eternia. Each articulated figure comes with an attack feature and/or projectile that fans can power themselves for even more imaginative storytelling. He-Man and Skeletor can race into action with The Masters of the Universe Vehicle Pack or engage in head-to-head battle using the Snake Mountain™ Throne playset.   

The options are limitless for even our youngest fans to recreate their favorite Masters of the Universe scenes, and the fun starts October 1st when the new collection becomes available


He-Man™ and The Masters of the Universe™ Action Figures

He-Man™ and the Masters of the Universe™ Large Action Figure

He-Man™ and The Masters of the Universe™ Vehicle Pack

MOTU® Origins Large He-Man® Figure 

Masters of the Universe® Snake Mountain™ Throne Playset for MOTU® 

Have you seen season one of He-Man™ and The Masters of the Universe™? How excited are you for season two? Let me know in the comments.


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