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How to Apply to the MSN Creator Program and Get More Eyes on Your Content


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I joined the beta launch of MSN’s Creator Program this summer after being invited by the program’s staff directly. The experience has been fantastic for my blog’s traffic, my writing, and my influencer opportunities looking forward to 2023. That first ad revenue paycheck wasn’t bad either.

What is the MSN Creator Program?

The MSN Creator Program is a way for you to expand your reader base and ad revenue. You can post content exclusivly on MSN or post it on your blog share it to MSN. There is a WordPress plugin for those that wish to have content automatically share to thier own MSN channel automatically after being published on thier blog.

  • You can earn ad revenue and benefit from direct support from your readers as you build your following.
  • Engage new audiences with Microsoft Start matching your content with interested readers.
  • Expand the reach of your content with the existing tools you use today.

I joined this passed summer and have earned a few hundred dollars in ad revenue so far. Nothing to complain about for sure! My readership has been as high as 80,000 users in one week thanks to a couple of viral posts I wrote years ago being shared to MSN and then catching attention.

Who can join the MSN Creator Program?

Before you apply, please check that you meet the following criteria: 

  • You are based out of the US or Germany 
  • You post frequently, around 5 times per month 
  • You use WordPress, Substack, or Medium…or have a website where you can connect your RSS feed.
    • We’re working on a Squarespace integration which isn’t live quite yet. Stay tuned!
  • Non-fiction writing only (we cannot work with fiction blogs at this time)

Meet the criteria? Awesome. Here’s what to do next:

Apply here & put my name in the “Anything else you’d like us to know?” field so I can get credit if you’re accepted. Thanks! https://dgrd.co/msnapply

Once you apply to be a Microsoft Start Partner. Microsoft will review your application and email you onboarding instructions if approved.

We already operate the world’s largest cross-platform service covering news, entertainment and lifestyle. Our audience is growing, and we want to help you share your stories. Our personalized content feed is used by millions of active users each day through Windows, Bing, Edge, and Microsoft Start.

You have something important to say and Microsoft has an audience of engaged readers looking for unique and interesting content just like yours.


What’s in it for you?

Get access to a massive audience of highly-engaged readers—whether you’re looking to connect with people who share your interests, working to cover costs, or wanting to turn a side hustle into a day job.

Go big

You’ll have the opportunity to reach readers through Microsoft Start, which has millions of daily users across experiences on Windows, in Microsoft Edge, and a lot more. We aim to help people understand their world better by offering high-quality content—from creators like you.

Build your brand

Own your content, and control what you share by partnering with one of the biggest brands in technology. Your content will be featured alongside some of the most important brands in news, entertainment & lifestyle.

Microsoft Start licenses content from creators and publishers for our feed, maintaining high editorial standards, but still ensuring that creators and publishers can retain ownership of their work.

Get paid

It’s your work—you deserve all the credit and the rewards without unfair fees.

A global network of advertising partners, payment systems already built-in, and cash payments based on rewards point recognition – all means Microsoft offers readers more ways to support creators like you.

Ad Revenue

Earn from high-quality ad placements with your content

Reader support

Receive reader gratuities in currency submitted via either Microsoft Rewards points or cash

Have you applied yet? What was the process like for you? Let me know in the comments and on social.


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