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“I started with a cup of coffee, but it got away from me. I’m not sure where it went.” I told Abigail after she asked what happened to my coffee. That kind of thing happens to me often. Always has. I’m sure its because I have too much going on or because I have trouble focusing on any one thing for an extended period of time. The problem? Interruptions.

My mind is constantly going. There is always something to do, check on or update. I like it this way, but when I’ve worked long enough I crash hard. It bothers Abigail that I can fall asleep as soon as I get into bed. She has trouble falling asleep recently. I reminded her that if she did as much as I did she’d fall asleep quickly too, but that doesn’t go over very well.

I work full-time in an office setting doing tech support items, administrative support tasks, online social media updates and local publicity. I work part-time as a freelancer on various websites and social media accounts for bands, brands and other awesome things. I take 6 credit hours (two courses) a semester at a local community college while in pursuit of a marketing degree. I also try and spend time with family and friends, plus I’m having a kid.

All this activity and the short nights of sleep will only increase once our new baby is born. I welcome it, but I think it is what causes my absent mindedness sometimes. It is possible to have so many things go into your brain that some things just fall out right? *hehe* Not really. My mind just organizes things poorly. It is why I would completely die if I lost my smartphone. It has everything on it: grocery lists, phone numbers, directions, to do list, etc. I do lose things. Thankfully though its only been small things around the house like my cup of coffee so far.


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