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I’m gonna be a dad!


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Holy crap.

I’m gonna be a dad.


That’s about all I can say right now. The news is still fresh in my mind, but I’ve known for a couple of months. This makes me so happy. I know its going to be a lot of work. I know it’ll be expensive. I know I’ll be giving up my free time. I know it means giving up sleep. I don’t really care, I’ll live on coffee. I’m gonna be a dad!

I’ve wanted to be a dad, since… Well, since I was a kid. My dad is my hero. He’s not perfect, but I love him. I hope my kid loves me that much too. I can’t wait to play games, share stories and make plans for the future with this little one.

Part of what makes me excited about being a parent is when they become interactive. I’ll have an excuse to play again. Camping trips, bond fires, finger painting, riding bikes, reading bed time stories, pretending I know how to cook (I do that now), and so much more. Imagination is a wonderful thing and I’ll be able to use mine more publicly (read: dressing up as knights and pretending to slay dragons with home made cardboard swords.) 

I. Can’t. Wait.


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  1. Oh man, you hit the nail on the head. The interactivity and the ability to play again (sans judgement) are the things I’m looking forward to the most in these coming years.

    Right around three months you’ll be able to start seeing your little one interacting with the world. It’s amazing!

    I’m eagerly anticipating the next step which will be communication. We’re trying the sign language thing but it’s pretty tough. I’m sure it’ll be worth it 😉

    • Thank you for your kind words. I’m excited (as you can obviously tell). My sister-in-laws have both done the sign-language thing and seen it help a lot with communication. Seems like we’re both on the right track. Only time will tell!

  2. Hi, and congratulations! Just hopped over here from the @BlogHer tweet stream to say hello. 🙂 (I’m waving from the western suburbs, too.)

    Thrilled for you and your wife. Totally thrilled!
    I’m adding you to my Reader (no pressure) and look forward to following your baby adventures from both your and Abigail’s perspectives!


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