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Baby Name Announcement: Via Vine Video


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P Is for Pride by Greg Paprocki introduces readers (and those listening)...

I’m sure you have read the story behind Abigail’s surprise baby shower. In it I mentioned that we shared the name of our son. He’s due in March and we’ve been asked by people for months… “Boy or girl?” and “Have you picked out a name yet?” For the longest time we didn’t have the name picked out so it was easy to just say “Not yet.” Once we had picked out the name is was more awkward… “Yes, but we don’t want to tell you” is what I wanted to say. Instead it was “We are waiting to share until after he’s born.”

Now, it is okay to share the name. I couldn’t think of any nerdier way to do so than via the new social media app Vine. Behold, my son’s name:

We settled on the name because of its meaning and place in history. The name literally means “from the west field.” We thought it was perfect because of our living in the western suburbs of Chicago. There have also been some influential people with worthy accomplishments named Wesley.

  • Wesley Ruggles, Oscar winning director of Cimarron (1931)
  • John Wesley , Founder of the Methodist Church
  • Wes Craven, Director of classics like ‘A Nightmare on Elm Street’ and ‘Scream’
  • Wes Anderson, Oscar nominated director of ‘Fantastic Mr. Fox’
  • Wesley Sneijder, Captain of the Netherlands 2010 FIFA World Cup Runner-up team
  • Wesley Anthony Brown, first African American graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy
  • BONUS: Wesley Crusher, character from ‘Star Trek: The Next Generation’

I hope Wesley will find something in life that he loves and that he excels at it. Nothing would make me more proud. I love the little guy already and haven’t even met him yet!


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  1. I’m sure you’ve also been told that Grandma Marcie’s brother was Wesley Barton. I never met him – sadly he passed before I was born. But Grandma Marcie loved him dearly and so did my Dad. I know that your son will be as bright and successful as Wesley Barton!


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