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Past vs Future: Video Games


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My first video game system was the original Nintendo Entertainment System. The NES was really the family game system I just happened to be able to keep it in my room. I remember playing hours upon hours of Super Mario Bros (once I got my homework, chores, and outdoor play-in for the day). The 2D scrolling goodness has not gone out of style for retro game lovers (I use that term lightly) like myself, but modern-day game systems blow them out of the water. The Golden Eye game on N64 ruled, but I only ever played it at friend’s parties or at church youth group lock-ins.

Sony announced the PlayStation 4 this week and mentioned a few of the things it can do. That announcement got me thinking. Sure, the NES was awesome when I was a kid. And, the iPad has some pretty sweet games now. But, What will gaming be like when my kid is 8-10 years old? Holy crap. What will gaming be like in 10 years? I don’t even know what gaming was supposed to be like 10 years ago. The only system I ever had as a kid was the NES and at the time a brand new 386DX PC. Remember Prince of Persia? Yeah, I ruled at that game.

The next (and most recent) game system I owned? A Nintendo Wii. The only reason we got that system was because my wife really wanted to be able to play Guitar Hero about 5 years ago. Now? We use it to stream Netflix and I or play the occasional Star Wars Lego level. Shut up. I’m an adult. Touch screens will probably be out and voice / motion control, WAY more sophisticated than today, will be commonplace. Only time will tell of course, but wow. I’m amazed at what the XBox 360 and PS3 can do now. Let alone the new PS4 and XBox 720.

Now I’m feeling old. I should stop writing about what video games might be like when I’m 41. Wow. I’m just into my 30s and already thinking about my 40s? It is time to go to bed. That is, right after I play some Super Mario Bros Wii.


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  1. My first game console was the Intellivision back in 1981. And my favorite game was Dungeons and Dragons. I definitely think the old games from the 80’s, both console and arcade, are better than todays.

    Chris Hall
    The Adventures of Jaydon and Daddy

  2. There’s been a weird resurgence of simple games like Super Mario Bros. Wii as companies started to find that complicated didn’t mean better, and that gimmicks didn’t hold attention. Plus, with mobile app-game sales so high, developers are making sure they cater toward that large demographic in their home console. The thing about gaming systems is that you can only make something look so good. So, that’s why the controller always seems to change. But, though the Xbox Kinect did decently, people have let Microsoft and other companies know that they don’t want to control everything in a game based on motion. That’s not to say that the Kinect hasn’t planted a good seed – we’ll see more and better motion controls, but you’ll always see controller for that core audience that buys the FPS and sports games.

  3. I think advancements will slow over the next 10 years. It’s hard to imagine next-gen, or next-next-gen consoles improving drastically over the current offerings in the graphics department when games like Heavy Rain, the new Tomb Raider or the new GTA look so near lifelike.

    With PS4, the goal is for games to look as good as Pixar movies. While that’s a lofty one, it’s certainly attainable, but where do they go from there?

    Although, I could be completely wrong. I’m 31 years old, and ten years ago the best looking game was Viewtiful Joe. Ten years before that was NBA Jam. And ten years before that… Mario wasn’t even stomping goombas yet.


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