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“Super Mario Bros. Wonder” is Out Now

New 2D Side-Scrolling Adventure Introduces Wonder Flowers That Trigger Dramatic Changes to the Gameplay

 “The Super Mario Bros. Movie” Trailer Has Dropped

The long-awaited 3D CGI Super Mario Bros. Movie now has official artwork and a trailer. It looks beautiful and promising. Here is hoping to...

UPDATED & CONFIRMED: GoldenEye 007 Coming to Xbox & Nintendo Switch Online with Online Multiplayer

It is finally coming to pass. The Rare classic GoldenEye 007 had an official UHD remake releasing soon.

Make Your Own Nintendo Games With Game Builder Garage

Kids and parents can have fun learning to create and share their very own video games with Game Builder Garage by Nintendo.

Nintendo Sent Us A Switch

You might remember us going to Navy Pier as a family back in October to meet Super Mario. Mr. Dude has been wanting to play Super Mario Odyssey™ at our home ever since. Luckily, Mario must have remembered us because he sent us a Nintendo Switch - Gray Joy-Con for Christmas! We knew ahead of time, but it was a surprise to Wes.

Past vs Future: Video Games

My first video game system was the original Nintendo Entertainment System. The NES was really the family game system I just happened to be...


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