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Disclosure: This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Neutrogena Men.

My wife asked me what I wanted to do for Father’s Day for weeks leading up to it. I was rather indecisive about it until just a day or two before the holiday. I wasn’t looking to do anything big. I just wanted to go out to breakfast and not worry about dishes. It was perfect.


I woke up before any wife and son did. It was great to have some quiet time to myself before the flurry of energy the two bring to the morning in our house. Part of my morning routine is shaving. Personally, I’m a fan of the scruffy look, but it makes my wife happy when I’m clean shaven. That means I shaved right after my shower on Father’s Day morning. I had to look good for my wife, right?

My dad taught me how to shave with a disposable razor. He used them as I was growing up. The cheap ones you can get at those discount stores. I don’t remember him ever using anything else. My skin was, and still is, sensitive in general. I’d often get nicks and cuts when shaving so I learned to avoid shaving whenever possible. I’m sure both the sensitive skin and disposable razor blades had a lot to do with it.

It wasn’t until after I got married to my wife that I realized there was more to getting ready in the morning than a quick shower and clean-ish clothes. A face scrub, like the Razor Defense® Face Scrub by Neutrogena Men®, can help make skin less sensitive to shaving. is as easy as washing your face. Let’s face it, its not very fun to kiss your significant other when you’re wearing a bandaid across one of your lips. I know. I’ve tried. The whole daily facial scrub thing helps make my face feel great by gently exfoliating the skin without over drying or irritation.



There was a slight wait for a table at breakfast so we spent some time outside talking and playing games in the sun. Mr. Dude was a little ball of energy so we did some running around too. I may have some sun sensitive skin, but I wasn’t worried about sunscreen either. Shortly after we got married ten years ago I started to use the Neutrogena Men® Triple Protect Face Lotion with built in SPF 20 sunscreen. It heals dry skin and help fight the signs of aging. I like it because it’s a non-greasy lotion and doesn’t feel heavy on my face. I still sometimes get carded at R rated movies, but I’m not sure the lotion has anything to do with that.


Mr. Dude colored in his brand new coloring book and Abigail and I got to talk through out most of breakfast. It was glorious. Oh, and the food was great too. I had biscuits and gravy, scrambled eggs, bacon, grits, some apples and a few bites of Mr. Dude’s leftover pancakes. The best part? I didn’t have to do the dishes afterwards. All I had to do was pay and leave a tip!


I can’t wait to teach my son about shaving. I mean, I can totally wait, he is a kid and should stay that way for years to come. I just think it will be fun to show him how to use face wash, a razor, all that stuff. A foaming gel cleanser like the Neutrogena Men® Invigorating Face Wash is great with working down to the dirtiest pores without over-drying. His skin is just as sensitive as mine, except I freckle.

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Neutrogena Men.


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