Daddy's Grounded

This site was started by Joel Gratcyk as a way of remembering the personal experiences of fatherhood in all its details, with photos, video and written thought in 2012.

The site has grown into a hub of local Chicago area events, parenting advice, personal essays, tv/movies reviews, technology features, interviews and more.


P Is for Pride

P Is for Pride by Greg Paprocki introduces readers (and those listening)...

I’ve Been Married to My Best Friend for 18 Years So Far

Our life together works because we've both grown and learned along the way.

Art as Activism: Exploring Alexandra Jamieson’s Vision with the Abortion Trading Cards

The Abortion Trading Cards collection provides a thought-provoking insight into a not so imagined future where abortion services are outlawed.


How “Prince of Persia” Was Made and Almost Failed on the Apple II

One of my absolute favorite PC games as a kid was Prince of Persia. This amazing video about the game's development process, sales, and later video game remakes is too good not to share.

I’m gonna be a dad!

Holy crap. I'm gonna be a dad. Wow. That's about all I...

“Molly & Nightmare” Is an Emotional Sucker Punch

Molly & Nightmare is the story of a girl who turns an imaginary monster into a real friend…and of a monster who learns that he’s more than a menace under a bed.


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