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Twenty Dads I’m Going to Miss Seeing at Dad 2.019 Summit


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I’ve attended the Dad 2.0 Summit every year since 2014. It is an amazing annual conference focused on fatherhood and the media. Every year something cool happens and I learn so much.

I love to attend because I get to hang out with my friends, interact with brands, and learn new things in various sessions and breakouts. Oh! And the conference special events are usually pretty great too!

Dad 2.0 Summit – San Diego, CA

Due to a variety of reasons I won’t be able to attend this year. It really bums me out, but I’m going to try and make the best of it while suffering from a serious case of FOMO. You can bet I’ll be following along on Twitter as much as possible.

Here is a not nearly long enough list to cover all the guys I’ll miss seeing this year in San Antonio, TX at Dad 2.0 Summit 2019. The conversations over drinks are the best part of this conference for me. I don’t get to see and interact with these guys nearly enough. Some of them even live pretty close (relatively speaking) to me. 

  1. Victor Aragon – @Vicvegachi
  2. Roberto Santiago – @BertoInPublic
  3. Charlie Capen – @charliecapen
  4. Jeff Bogle – @owtk
  5. Spike – @MultiplesFamily
  6. Colby Shipwash – Days of a Domestic Dad
  7. Creed Anthony – Tales from the Poop Deck
  8. Dave Lesser – @AmateurIdiot
  9. Doug Zeigler – @ScotchfulyYours
  10. Isom Kuade – @PancakesNCider
  11. Brandon Billinger – @TheRookieDad
  12. Michael Kaufman – @themrkaufman
  13. Ryan Miller – @jesteram
  14. Mike Reynolds – @EverydayGirlDad
  15. Jay Sokol – @DudeOfTheHouse
  16. Mike Cruse – @PapaPreaches
  17. Thom Hofman – @DadMediumWell
  18. Patrick Quinn – @QuinnPJ
  19. Jason Greene – @TheJasonGreene
  20. Christopher Lewis – @DrCLewis

Have fun guys (and gals) attending the Dad 2.0 Summit this year. Hope to see you all in 2020!


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