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What Do You Want For Dinner?


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I hate this question. I didn’t used to, but it’s way past official. This is a horrible question. After working a long day, attending school and before starting on chores around the house the last thing I want to do is play the “What Do You Want For Dinner?” game. It’s an absolutely awful game that goes something like this:

I call her from work…

Me: “What do you want for dinner?”
Her: “I don’t know. Suggest something.”
Me: “Spaghetti?”
Her: “No.”
Me: “Chicken?”
Her: “Ugh.”
Me: “Salomon?”
Her: “No.”
Me: “Tacos?”
Her: “No, I don’t feel good.”
Me: “Pork Chops?”
Her: “No, just come home. I can’t talk anymore. I’m going to lay down. We’ll talk about it when you get here.”

After I get home…

Me: “What sounds good to you?”
Her: “Nothing?”
Me: “No ideas at all?”
Her: “No, but I’m feeling really sick and need to eat.”
Me: “Want me to pick something up instead of cook?”
Her: “I don’t know.”
Me: “How about I go to the store and start naming things?”
Her: “Okay, but hurry.”

After naming a bazillion things available to cook or already cooked at the grocery store…

Me: “Anything?”
Her: “I guess. Let’s just have spaghetti. Hurry home, I miss you.”

Did you notice what just happened there? We played the “What do you want for dinner game?” and ended up going with the 1st suggestion I made. This happens often. It sometimes takes 2-3 hours to play this game. Luckily for me it usually only takes 1 trip (sometimes 2 trips) to the store. I can’t count the number of times I’ve been in such a hurry to get dinner going that I’ve forgotten a “key” ingredient to the meal. Sometimes it’s a spice. Sometimes it’s a side dish. Whatever I forget though invariably will completely ruin the meal if we don’t have it.

I do admit I used to pre-plan meals in order to avoid this problem, but more often then not I would make dinner and then still have to play the game. The planned meal wouldn’t sound good, or smell good, or whatever. More than once, mostly at the beginning of the pregnancy  I’ve been sent out of the house to eat something while she decided on a meal for herself. I’ve played this game for months. Thankfully its been played less and less recently. I’m looking forward to when the baby arrives because this was never an issue before she was pregnant. Abigail says she hates the game as much as I do. I’m not so sure.


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  1. This is likely the only fight my husband and I ever have — over food. What to eat and when to eat it. Perhaps I need to take a more authoritative approach and just make the decision for all, but that’s not how we typically operate. Nevertheless, it’s frustrating — I totally get you!

    • I should give meal planning a try again. It seemed to work before Abigail was pregnant and she’s getting past the I’m sick of food thing the last few days. Glad someone else understands where we are coming from!

  2. I found this site because i typed into google “what do i want for dinner tonight?”, making an effort to decide on what to eat. This happens at our house waayyy too much. I really try to buy items in advance so i have at least 2 or 3 days of dinners ready, but I still get complaints like: “Let’s have something different.” Or after it’s done: “well, it’s interesting” Can never seem to please the man. I’m always the one who has to come up with what we are going to have for dinner. It sure does suck haha. Very tiring to always have to come up with what we’re having for dinner, making sure all the ingredients are there and making sure it’s different and delicious at the same time! Ahhhhhh!

  3. I’m 21 weeks pregnant, and I ended up here because I’m playing this game tonight. Most of my cravings are salad, but I already ate two today. Also, I do most of the cooking, so how much I want tone I the kitchen is a factor. This post did make us both giggle, though, so thank you.

    • Yes, it’s the worst question ever!, I’m actually here trying to beat the game, 11:14am and I’m looking for ideas before the topic even comes up. Wife isn’t feeling well and sleeping in, so I figured the internet might help, but this game is perhaps more difficult playing it alone. 😉

      We are not alone!


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