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Hopes and Expectations for Fatherhood


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I had a great childhood. My family moved a lot and we didn’t have much money, but an overwhelming majority of my memories are positive. Exploring in the woods. Father and son campouts. Picnics. Movie nights. Holiday traditions. So many fun times.

Look At That
This is my mom and I out at the mall when I was really little. Apparently whatever I saw in the windows was… AMAZING.

My parents worked hard at giving us a good childhood. I loved spending time with them. I didn’t see my dad as much as my mom, but they both made time for me. I’d help my mom out around the house, she’s help me with my homework or we’d talk while she cleaned. Sometimes my siblings and I would go outside to play for hours and only call on Mom when someone got hurt or hungry. She was always there when we needed her.

I remember playing with my dad as a kid. We’d wrestle on the floor or work on a puzzle or build towers with Legos. He had a lot of different jobs as I was growing up. I loved it when I got to go with him on occasion and help. I’d open doors, move boxes, make small talk or just color/read while he’d do his work.

My dad, sister and I cheesing it up for the camera.

Being a dad is going to take a lot of my energy. I may think I’m not getting enough sleep now, but I fully expect to get even less once Wesley arrives. It’ll be that way for a while at least. There will be play time. There will also be potty time. Lots of messes to clean up. Toddler meltdowns. Mischievous smiles. And more.

I want to provide more than the basics of food, shelter and acceptance to him. I want him to know that everything will be okay in the end. I want him to know that fear is only something to work through and not be paralyzed by. New places and experiences are to be enjoyed and discovered all around the world.

I’ve had some practice in the parenting area with our now 4 year old papillon. She still sometimes poops on herself (her fur coat is very thick). She doesn’t listen when she should sometimes and gets into trouble from time to time. I know that is both nothing like having a kid and a little like having a kid.


What? I didn't do anything!
I have no memory of this incident… Not sure my sister does either. She’s fine now. Honest.


I am no parenting expert. I am not afraid to say “I don’t know” or to ask for help. That is a strength in a man, not a weakness. If I don’t know the answer to a question I know I can find one. I want Wesley to have good memories of being a kid and, in time, to become an independent, thinking adult.

This thing called fatherhood that I’m stepping into is a big deal. It is a lot of responsibility. It is a life-long calling. Every day won’t be easy, but every day will be worth it. I can’t wait to meet Wesley and start this journey. It could be any day now. Wish me luck!


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  1. So glad we have connected. I really like hearing a dad’s perspective- especially an expectant dad. This adventure will be higher, lower, better, worse and more wonderful than you ever expected. That’s not meant as a negative or as some cynical response. It’s the truth. It will be MORE than anything you can imagine. Your desire to be MORE already proves what a great job you’ll do!



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