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Nintendo Sent Us A Switch


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Disclaimer: Nintendo of America provided me with a Nintendo Switch and games for review. All opinions and thoughts are my own. This post contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase via this page I may make a small commission. 

You might remember us going to Navy Pier as a family back in October to meet Super Mario. Mr. Dude has been wanting to play Super Mario Odyssey™ at our home ever since. Luckily, Mario must have remembered us because he sent us a Nintendo Switch – Gray Joy-Con for Christmas! We knew ahead of time, but it was a surprise to Wes.

Mr. Dude would have normally been more excited, but he’d had a fever off and on for a few days leading up to the surprise. Darn pre-school kids sharing strep throat.

The whole family LOVES the Nintendo Switch. And there are a lot of great things going for it:

  • The HD resolution of the system is a big step up from our Nintendo Wii.
  • It has a similar feel to the classic Nintendo controls we’re used to using. That meant picking up the new game controls was easy, familiar and fun.
  • This Nintendo redesign is modular and can adapt to many more gaming scenarios than previous systems.
  • The SD like card Nintendo Switch games come loaded on is much more resilient to children’s hands than Wii discs.
  • It can be played on a TV with the included dock or on its own in a car/mall/park/etc.
  • The cost of a single system is reasonable.
Image courtesy Nintendo of America.
  • Multiple systems can link up wirelessly for competitive play based on the game chosen.
  • Many games can use the single included controller (it splits in two) as two controllers.
  • Internet connectivity allows for online play with games like Mario Kart 8.
  • The eShop allows for easy downloading of 100s of games and demos.
  • The parental controls allow for restricted child accounts so nothing gets purchased without parental consent.
  • Image courtesy Nintendo of America.

    There are a few things to consider before buying a Nintendo Switch too:

    • The Nintendo Switch is a new game system overall so many beloved classic franchises are not yet on it. Things like Star Wars, Harry Potter, Star Trek, James Bond, etc.
    • There are a million accessories that are awesome but can add up fast. Stuff like screen protectors, carrying cases, Joy-con chargers, extra docks, amiibo figures, etc.
    • The system comes with only a single controller and a new one can run $79.
    • A single system may not be enough to keep family harmony.
      Bedtimes and gameplay timesharing have been an issue since we got the Nintendo Switch. Ha!
    Image courtesy Nintendo of America.

    Overall we’re thrilled with the system.

    We already have our eyes on the Mario + Rabbids® Kingdom Battle game as a future birthday gift for Mr. Dude. He LOVES Super Mario. Eventually, we’ll want to get a second system and other games for the added gaming options it will offer. I highly recommend the Nintendo Switch to anyone who is a casual gamer, has a family with young kids or enjoys having a cool toy to show off at parties.

    Do you have one? What do you think about it? Let me know in the comments or tag me on social!

    Image courtesy Nintendo of America.


    I was grocery shopping right before Christmas when, in the cereal aisle, I found a special limited edition Super Mario Cereal from Kellogg’s. It offers a special in-game bonus exclusively for Super Mario Odyssey™. Buy it if you can find it.


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    1. Joel, wouldn’t be truthful if I didn’t say I was jealous and could get an opportunity like this, but congratulations and it looks like awesome fun for you and the family. Thanks for sharing. ~Tom


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