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Pumpkin Carving (2017)

It is an annual tradition for us to carve a pumpkin around Halloween every year. Same as many other families. My talent in this area is subpar at best. I do enjoy it though. Our...

Credit: Aimee Vogelsang. Source:

Halloween TV on Netflix

Halloween will soon be upon us. The arrival of October means the arrival of spooky TV in my household. Here is a collection of TV episodes on rotation via Netflix at our house with a Halloween (or Halloween compatible) theme. What ones are your favorite? Did I leave anything off the list?

Celebrate New Year’s Eve With Your Kids Anytime You Want

This year you can celebrate as a family and still have time for a parents-only party with a whole new set of New Year’s Eve countdowns, available today only on Netflix, designed for preschoolers, tweens and everyone in between. You choose when to say goodnight, and the kids choose how to celebrate with their favorite characters.

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