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A “Smallfoot” Blu-Ray Combo Giveaway

Joel Gratcyk (Daddy's Grounded)

Joel Gratcyk is a social media strategist, father, husband, perpetual student and caffeine junkie. He misses sleeping, but loves being a parent more.

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21 Responses

  1. Shakeia Rieux says:

    Find something fun to do we both like.

  2. Ashley B says:

    Hope that they like me or I might have a problem! Haha

  3. John Smith says:

    “What would you do if you befriended a yeti?” I would ask if he or she wanted a cup of coffee, or maybe a sparkling beverage! Then I would ask if we should visit a museum sometime!

  4. Derek Johns says:

    Watch Smallfoot together

  5. Katie Miller says:

    I would introduce him to my dad. He believes in all mythical creatures 😊

  6. Bernie Wallace says:

    I would share candy with a Yeti if I met him. I would want to build up his trust.

  7. Laurajj says:

    Build a snowyeti with him!!!

  8. Tamara Regan says:

    I would ask the yeti to show me the very best sledding hill.

  9. Stephan says:

    Enjoy some glow wine together.

  10. Victor Aragon says:

    Find a good place to eat and have a snow ball fight

  11. Amy Drazen says:

    We would go out for ice cream!

  12. cyndi br says:

    we would play board games

  13. Maria Elena says:

    Go sledding down the mountains!

  14. Cassandra D says:

    With a yeti, go out and eat spaghetti.