And Then My Wife Says, “Could That Have Been What Caused The Flat Tire?”

Joel Gratcyk (Daddy's Grounded)

Joel Gratcyk is a social media strategist, father, husband, perpetual student and caffeine junkie. He misses sleeping, but loves being a parent more.

3 Responses

  1. Tony H. says:

    Tires can fail without warning. I do believe the previous hitting of the curb damaged the tire. Highway driving places increased stress (speed and heat) on tires that are not necessarily generated in stop and go city commuting. This could be the reason for your catastrophic tire failure. Glad there was no damage to your vehicle. Changing a tire is one skill every driver should possess.

  2. Kristin says:

    Your wife sounds like me lol. I don’t always tell my husband when I hit a curb or something. Mainly cause I’m a horrible driver and I like to keep most of my misaps to myself ;).