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Hug The Ones You Love

Dad blogging lost one of its heroes this past weekend. His name was Oren Miller and cancer took him from us. Oren started a Facebook group in December of 2012. His goal was to create a community for dads to share ideas, increase their influence and help create a better form of fatherhood. He simply named it Dad Bloggers.

5 Life Lessons My Dad Taught Me

My dad is amazing. Seriously. He’s the most courageous person I know. Life has not been kind to my dad. He’s faced some tough situations that no one should have to deal with. Health...

One Week Today

A week ago today my life changed forever. My son Wesley was born. I gained the life long responsibility of providing for, teaching and advising another person. It is still hard for me to fully...


Wesley is now a little over a week late. This last week has felt like a month! Every day seems to take forever now. Baby boy checks out fine. He’s passed a few non-stress tests...

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